The Human Development Center (HDC) is dedicated to opening a world of possibilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, teaching the behaviors and skills they will need to live independently.

For over 40 years ,through essential programs and services such as providing group home living, adult day training, life skills, transportation, education, and employment we have been helping individuals achieve their goals of independence and inclusion.

Did you know, there are currently over 15,000 individuals with developmental disabilities in the State of Florida waiting for services and placement into agencies like HDC?


Founded in 1978, the Human Development Center (HDC), Inc. is a private, non-profit  dedicated to providing the highest quality of programs & services to adult individuals with developmental disabilities, autism and challenging behaviors.

We  assist our clients in achieving their goals, maintaining stable behavior, and living happy lives.

Clients receive individualized training and support to help them meet goals in all areas of their lives. Training in the areas of anger management, social skills, healthy living, relaxation techniques, budgeting, leisure time planning, employment preparation, and daily living skills are offered on a regular basis.

Clients are referred to HDC by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD)

It is HDC’s goal to empower, educate, and protect our clients and the community at all times. HDC strives to educate our clients in all facets of life, so they are able to make informed and safe decisions.


At HDC, we are continuously improving both our clinical program and  group home facilities.  HDC currently operates six community residential group homes and offers services to supported living clients in their homes.


Treatment at HDC is based on best practices in the field of behavior analysis. Behavior analysis is a science concerned with how people behave and recognizes that behavior is largely a product of its immediate environment. Behavior analysts observe and measure behavior with the goal of changing the environment to promote positive behavioral change.

All treatment programs at HDC include specific behaviors targeted for increase or decrease, and identify clear expectations. Data is collected to measure success, and programs are revised and individualized based on the data. Providing a consistent and positive learning environment are key contributors to success.

Promoting independence and teaching new behaviors are important aspects of treatment. All behavior serves a function. Our goal is to help each person identify and learn new behaviors that will serve the same function as the target behaviors, and allow for goals to be met in more socially acceptable ways. Research has shown that the best way to reduce the inappropriate or challenging behavior is to reinforce appropriate replacement behaviors. Teaching and reinforcing new behaviors is an effective and positive approach that provides clients with the tools necessary to live a successful life.




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Imagine how hard the holidays are when you are alone, abandoned by family, and without anything to look forward to under the tree at Christmas.

This is the unfortunate scenario for many developmentally disabled adults at the Human Development Center in Tampa. The 2017 Holiday Heroes fundraiser starts 10/15/2018. More information to come, so stay tuned!


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