Behavior Services

HDC has successfully served many individuals over the past thirty-nine years.

We are strongly committed to the Principles of Behavior Analysis in our programs.

Treatment at HDC is based on best practices in the field of behavior analysis. Behavior analysis is a science concerned with how people behave and recognizes that behavior is largely a product of its immediate environment. Behavior analysts observe and measure behavior with the goal of changing the environment to promote positive behavioral change.

All treatment programs at HDC include specific behaviors targeted for increase or decrease, and identify clear expectations. Data is collected to measure success, and programs are revised and individualized based on the data. Providing a consistent and positive learning environment are key contributors to success.

Promoting independence and teaching new behaviors are important aspects of treatment. All behavior serves a function. Our goal is to help each person identify and learn new behaviors that will serve the same function as the target behaviors, and allow for goals to be met in more socially acceptable ways. Research has shown that the best way to reduce inappropriate or challenging behavior is to reinforce appropriate replacement behaviors. Teaching and reinforcing new behaviors is an effective and positive approach that provides clients with the tools necessary to live a successful life.

The Members of HDC’s Behavior Team are:

*BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
**CBA (Certified Behavior Analyst)
***BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst)

Behavior Team:


Dr. Kimberly Church, Psy.D.     Executive Director

Stephani Fauerbach, MSW, BCBA Clinical Director
Vicki Peters, CBA/Fl.
Ashlee Henrichs, BCaBA
Ashley Tomaka, MS, BCBA
Ron Fahrenholz, CBA/Fl.

Opportunities for internship are available at HDC, please contact our clinical offices at 813-227-9211.