Our Mission

The Human Development Center Inc.’s (HDC)  mission is to provide community based residential group home living, adult day training, daily life skills training, transportation, education, and employment to adult individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, autism, and  behavioral issues.  Reinforcing Behavior, Inspiring Independence since 1978.


“Our clients don’t live in our facilities, we work in their homes.”

Founded in 1978, the Human Development Center (HDC), Inc. is a private, non-profit  dedicated to providing the highest quality of programs & services to adult individuals with developmental disabilities, autism and challenging behaviors.

We  assist our clients in achieving their goals, maintaining stable behavior, and living happy lives.

Clients receive individualized training and support to help them meet goals in all areas of their lives. Training in the areas of anger management, social skills, healthy living, relaxation techniques, budgeting, leisure time planning, employment preparation, and daily living skills are offered on a regular basis.

Clients are referred to HDC by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD)

It is HDC’s goal to empower, educate, and protect our clients and the community at all times. HDC strives to educate our clients in all facets of life, so they are able to make informed and safe decisions.